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Our Courses

Embark on a transformative journey with us to master the principles of permaculture and sustainable living. Join our community to cultivate a profound understanding of ecological harmony, resilient agriculture, and regenerative practices. Explore the art of living in balance with nature as we guide you towards a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.


Enrich your knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and become a steward of positive change for both yourself and the planet. Learn permaculture and sustainable living from us, and grow with purpose.

Skillshare Exclusive
An AI Garden Planning Adventure: Garden Design over-simplified with Chat GPT

Welcome to the Garden Design Adventure of a lifetime, supercharged by the phenomenal power of an AI Chatbot! Have you ever dreamed of a garden so lush and vibrant that it feels like an impossible reality?


Well, brace yourself for a rebellious solution that will make the daunting hours of planning disappear, replaced by a few simple questions that unveil profound, expert-level answers! This is your golden ticket to turn that breathtaking dream into an awe-inspiring reality!

Udemy Exclusive
Layman's Weather 2.0: Skywatching Tips & Instant Forecasting

Welcome to our most fascinating course, where you'll uncover the secrets of weather prediction by just looking up at the sky. Whether you love outdoor adventures or just want to impress your friends with your weather knowledge, this course is for you!


Get ready for an exciting journey as you decode cloud formations, understand wind patterns, and learn the tricks hidden in the sun, moon, and sky colours. No complicated jargon, just straightforward lessons that anyone can grasp.


Permaculture Apprentice Programme for 2024 INDIA Exclusive

Welcome to The Permaculture Apprentice Program: INDIA, a year-long journey thoughtfully designed to align with the changing seasons of the most agriculturally diverse nation on our Planet: INDIA. 


After over a decade of planning and structuring, we are excited to offer you this unique opportunity to master sustainable living again. Started in 2022; this is our 3rd and best edition of the "PAP" yet. Our program goes far beyond the typical Permaculture Design Course (PDC), providing a comprehensive journey from the basics of sustainability to advanced Permaculture Design.

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Available on Skillshare & Udemy
Permaculture Foundations: Crafting Abundant Food Forests 101

In this course, you will discover a natural design approach that empowers you to construct sustainable, closed-loop systems by leveraging the principles and ethics of Permaculture.

Discover the transformative power of Permaculture in our comprehensive course designed for anyone passionate about sustainable living. This course promises to equip you with the essential knowledge you need before embarking on your journey to design bountiful food forests and self-sustaining backyards.

Website Exclusive
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