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Permaculture Apprentice
INDIA: 2024

By: Azlan Mohammed Shakib

Welcome to The Permaculture Apprentice Program: INDIA, a year-long journey thoughtfully designed to align with the changing seasons of the most agriculturally diverse nation on our Planet: INDIA.

After over a decade of planning and structuring, we are excited to offer you this unique opportunity to master sustainable living again. Started in 2022; this is our 3rd and best edition of the "PAP" yet. Our program goes far beyond the typical Permaculture Design Course (PDC), providing a comprehensive journey from the basics of sustainability to advanced Permaculture Design.



  • Gain practical skills for crafting sustainable systems

  • Receive personalised guidance from your instructor(s)

  • Experience a superior format compared to standard PDCs

  • Enjoy a year-long journey with 365 days of support

  • Engage in weekly live classes

  • Join a thriving community of kindred spirits

  • Embrace our thoughtfully designed self-study components for profound knowledge absorption.

Registration: Closed

Get ready for an entire year of immersive learning! Our Permaculture Apprentice Programme is packed with insightful lectures, valuable tutorials, and practical experiences guided by over a decade of designing and establishing sustainable and regenerative spaces on Earth!

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Embrace the chance to learn, grow, and positively impact the planet.

Your sustainable future awaits!

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is this for?

Seeking a Simpler, More Fulfilling Life?

Considering Farm Life or a Move Away from Urban Chaos?

Ready to Uncover Life-Changing Sustainability Strategies and Techniques?

Eager to Cultivate Your Own Nourishing Food?

This Program is for You.

Align your life and your values with nature's wisdom. Learn to Design gardens, communities, food forests, and sustainable systems for a regenerative future. Grow your own food and deepen your understanding of the natural world.


Dream of a better world and seek solutions. Embrace nature's principles as your foundation for decision-making. Make the shift from problems to empowered solutions.

Join the "PAP" to:

and soo much more...


What is the PAP?
What will you learn?

Join us on a year-long journey with 50+ immersive weekend sessions, where we'll completely transform your understanding of Permaculture.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our Permaculture Apprentice Programme (PAP) will empower you to apply Permaculture from small gardens to vast landscapes.

The "All New" PAP now evolves like the changing seasons, providing you with essential knowledge and skills for sustainable living as we move from one season to the next beginning this Winter!


Choose the BEST Plan for you and Join the Permaculture Apprentice Programme.


Attend our live session for 90 mins every weekend for a whole year!


Use the entire week to apply what you learn. Help & Support is just a DM away!


Become part of a community that shares your goals and ethics!


Congratulations! You're now a Certified Permaculturist! It's time to save the world :)

Anand Nagarajan, Pune, MH.

"I think the things I enjoyed the most while studying with Azlan were: a simple to understand structured course, with fun way of learning. He even gave me a great opportunity at his farm to learn permaculture by doing it practically instead of only theory. Now I have a lot of confidence to buy a land and do permaculture myself."

Aavpreet Kaur, Dehradun, UK.

"One cannot simply master permaculture in a lifetime, let alone a month, and therefore Azlan made sure I understood the very basic fundamentals of leading a life in the permaculture ways, not only in theory but practically as well. With Azlan, there wasn’t a single moment of the day you don’t learn something new, and the best part is that he so passionately talks about his subjects and is so open to learning and growing his knowledge base along with you."

Chloé Estandía, Cantabria, Spain.

"This experience was amazing. Azlan has tremendous knowledge. He really knows how to transmit and share the information so everyone can understand and have fun while learning. I was afraid the time difference could be a problem in order to follow up, but Azlan was always ready to stand up and answer all my questions. Truly recommended. Can't wait to get to learn more from him!"

What will you learn in your PAP?

Explore the Permaculture Apprentice Programme syllabus, meticulously organized to align topics with each season's unique demands. Dive into a tailored learning experience that follows the natural rhythms of the environment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices throughout the year.

Branch with Catkins


Introduction to Permaculture & Basic Permaculture Design

December | January

The Winter segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Introduction to Permaculture Ethics & Design Principles

  • Meet your Ecosystem & learn basic Landscape Analysis

  • Learn Sector Mapping

  • Learn Zone Mapping

  • Identify and master Food & Plant Systems

  • A Deep Study on: Soil

  • Let's Study a Model Permaculture Farm

  • Understand Why The Designer Limits the Yield

Kitchen Gardening: How to Grow & Maintain Abundance

February | March

The Spring segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Designing for Balconies, Patios, and Tiny Gardens

  • Understanding Annuals & Perennials and What to Choose  

  • Introduction to Composting and Other Strategies

  • Easy Integrated Pest Management

  • Learn Kitchen Garden Design

  • Identify Weeds, Native & Medicinal Plants & their significance

  • Beginner's Beekeeping and Apiary advice

  • Learn and promote Stacking Layers

Wild Flowers


Community Kitchen Garden


Water, Earthworks & Essential Design Elements

April | May

The Summer segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Designing for Water & Waterworks

  • Initiating Earthworks & their types

  • Identifying Wildlife & Biodiversity to Protect & Promote

  • Introducing Aquaculture on your Land

  • Pattern Understanding & How to take inspiration from Nature

  • Let's learn: Designing a Food Forest

  • Including Plant & Tree Guilds in your Design

  • Identify and Understand Climate & Weather

Understanding Advanced Permaculture Design

June | July

The Monsoon segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Understanding Forests & Orchards

  • A Deep Study on: Trees

  • Concepts, Themes & Methods of Permaculture Design

  • What is Village Design & how to Desing for a Community

  • Exploring Humid Tropics and their Design Strategies

  • Exploring Dry Land Design Strategies

  • Exploring Humid Cool - Cool Climate Design Strategies

  • Strategies for an Alternative Global Nation

Watering the Garden


Solar Panel


Introduction to Homesteading & Easy Integration of Animals

August | September

The Autumn segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Wild AnimalsLivestock, Pets and their roles

  • Your Home: Shelter, Structures & Earth-ships

  • Harnessing Food, Water & other Essentials

  • Soil improvement practices to promote Fertility

  • Harnessing Energy & managing its Flow

  • Preserve, Ferment and store Surplus

  • Ducks & Ponds and their role in making you Sustainable

  • Invisible Structures: Commerce, Community & Governance

Advanced Homesteading & Permaculture Gardening

October | November

The Pre-Winter segment of our "PAP" Program introduces and explores the following themes:

  • Need & Yield Analysis for our Harvest

  • Introducing Rabbits: Intangible Garden Companions 

  • Chicken Guardianship & How they can help Garden

  • Introduction to Seed Saving & Propagation

  • Exploring Fungi & Edible Mushrooms 

  • Microclimates, Indoor Farming & Adding a Greenhouse

  • Introduction to Aquaponics

  • Building a Fire and Other Essential Skills to live off your land.

Tomatoes in Greenhouse

Pre Winter

  • Is this a PDC?
    This programme covers everything in a PDC and soo much more. With the "PAP", you will become a true Permaculture Apprentice with ample time to learn, process, execute and gain tons of experience throughout!
  • When will the course start?
    The commencement of this course is scheduled for Sunday, the 10th of December 2023. Registration will cease upon reaching a quota of 25 students. Over the course of a year, you can expect to receive weekly lessons at a comfortable pace, allowing ample time for reflection and deepening your comprehension as we advance.
  • Why should you learn from us?
    "Humm of the Earth" has over 12 years of experience designing Permaculture Systems, Consulting and Teaching. From 2022 we have dedicated all our time to permaculture education. So we can share our experiences and encourage a new generation of sustainability enthusiasts to build a regenerative future for the planet. And we're not going anywhere anytime soon. This is a long-term commitment for us and our family business. No tricks, no fine print. We want you to have access to quality education for as long as you need.
  • How much does the course cost?
    "Permaculture Apprentice Programme" is at its lowest price. It is very reasonably priced at ₹39,999/- (Under 500 USD) for an entire year's worth of exposure and access to permaculture learning. The course price is set to increase by December 2023. A more affordable "SEASON PASS" is also available at a reduced cost to experience the PAP for Winter. The "SEASON PASS can later be upgraded to the FULL PASS to continue your PAP journey.
  • Can I access the entire course at the start?
    Permaculture education is best when studying at a relaxed pace with time for local visits and experiences to increase understanding while moving through the course with a group of peers. For this reason, you'll receive a weekly lesson to work through for the duration of one year.
  • How much time will the course take each week?
    We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours a week to do this course - 1 hour and 30 minutes for the live session and the remaining time for some assisted learning or a practical visit to a demonstration site nearby on a friendly local permaculture farm. (Visits and practical activities are advised but not included as part of the PAP) A big part of the "Permaculture Apprentice Programme" is about understanding Permaculture and applying it to your professional and personal life. We want your learning to last a lifetime - so the more work you put into this course, the better.
  • Can I do this course from anywhere in the world?
    Yes, absolutely! Our course applies to all contexts - you'll be able to choose from a wide array of systems and practices to suit your particular situation.
  • Will the course instructor "Azlan Mohammed Shakib" be available and accessible to guide and answer questions if I get stuck?
    As an "Apprentice" to Permaculture, the course is designed to provide guidance and direction throughout the week as necessary. So please give us a maximum of 24 hours to reply, keeping in mind international time zones.
  • Are there any prerequisites or required reading?
    This course is for anyone who wants to get closer to their food, community & their environment. There are no prerequisites or required reading. Just bring your enthusiasm.
  • Do I need any special technology to access the course?
    You can access your course content (and private community) via any web browser on any laptop, PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone connected to a good internet connection. You don't need any other unique applications or memberships to other platforms. It's simple and easy.
  • Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
    Yes, you will! We will send you a "Permaculture Apprentice" Certificate as soon as you finish the course.

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Urban Garden

“You can solve all the world's problems in a garden.” 

- Geoff Lawton

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