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What can you learn from us?

Permaculture is a captivating practice that designs human habitats and agricultural systems based on nature's blueprint.

It's more than just growing food, enriching the soil, conserving water, and minimizing waste.​

Imagine a sustainable lifestyle that empowers you to become self-reliant & and create your own energy, harness natural resources, and lead a truly independent life by unlocking the extraordinary possibilities of Off-Grid living!

​Discover the captivating world of Aquaponics, where Fish and plants work together to create an abundance of fresh produce. Embrace this sustainable and rewarding way of growing, bringing nature's harmony into your home.


This is Azlan and Amina!

At "Humm of the Earth," our mission is to educate and empower individuals through the transformative practices of Permaculture, Aquaponics, and sustainable living. These powerful tools have the potential to create a significant impact on our planet.


By embracing them, we have a unique opportunity to pave the way for a regenerative future. Together, these practices hold the potential to transform our world, creating a harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.

Bee Farm

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Learn Sustainable Living

Welcome to our digital homestead, a sanctuary of sustainable living, permaculture wisdom, and the art of thriving off the grid.


An AI Garden Planning Adventure: NEW

Introducing our newest Skillshare Class: Garden Design over-simplified with ChatGPT. Join us on this Garden Planning Adventure and unlock your gardening potential with AI's extraordinary capabilities. Enrol today and get ready to make garden plans that are not just simplified but truly on steroids!

Always wanted to embrace a sustainable lifestyle but don't know where to start?

Join the waitlist for our most in-depth "Permaculture Apprentice Programme" to re-open NOW.

Welcome to The Permaculture Apprentice Programme, where our core philosophy is to mentor individuals passionate about sustainable living on a transformative journey through a holistic Permaculture Education programme. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and support, empowering you to design and build sustainable systems.

Join us on this remarkable adventure as we empower you to make a positive impact on the world through sustainable practices. Discover the joy of learning, designing, and implementing regenerative systems that harmonize with nature. Together, let's create a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

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